Services for families

Professional support person

Professional support person activities are provided for children under 18 years of age as a support measure under the Social Welfare Act, Open Care of Child Welfare, or Substitute Care. The service offers functional activities and new experiences tailored to the child or young person's situation and needs, such as support for schooling, hobbies, self-esteem building, learning social relationships, and encouraging conversations. The service is granted by the social service authority of the municipality or the wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland.

Home help

Home help assists families with daily chores in their own home where there are children under 18 years old for a minimum of 2 hours at a time. It includes activities such as childcare, household chores, cooking, and caring for sick children.

The price for home help for families is €42/hour + VAT 24% (€52.08/hour) on weekdays between 7.00am to 6.00pm, plus employee travel expenses.

Home service for families

The aim of the service is to support families in their everyday life and well-being. Home service is a low-threshold social service provided quickly and flexibly and does not require child protection involvement. 

The goal is to provide short-term support for everyday tasks such as child care, cleaning and cooking, depending on the family's needs. The need for the service may be due to, for example, lack of social networks, illness, childbirth, or a separation situation. Families who have received a service voucher or a payment commitment from the municipality or the wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland can order home services for families from our service number or email.

Neuropsychiatric coaching

Neuropsychiatric coaching supports children and adolescentswith special needs, as well young people and adults facing life management challenges. It can be funded by social services or healthcare, or ordered privately. The coaching provides goal-oriented and individual support for life management, executive functioning, social skills and building a positive self-image. The coaching process is planned with the client and commissioner.

Home care support service

The service is intended for a child or young person under 18 years of age entitled to support for informal care, and their family, during the caregiver's period of respite. The home-based service includes activities related to the daily care and welfare of the child or young person. Informal care is provided by the caregiver's home municipality/healthcare district. The purpose of the service is also to support the well-being of the caregiver, and it is based on the informal care law.

Family work

Service to support the well-being of families with children, increase and strengthen resources, and improve family interactions. The service is provided at the family's home and may be granted for various situations and needs related to parenting challenges, daily routines, childcare and upbringing, or prevention of social exclusion.

Supported and supervised meetings and exchanges 

Service to support and monitor meetings and exchanges between parents and children. The service is provided at Heideken, the Marakatti family center's cozy premises. The service can be granted based on a contract approved by the social welfare committee or a court decision. The goal is to promote natural interactions and healthy parenting while ensuring the safety and well-being of the child.

24-hour home care for children

The purpose of the service is to help families when parents are temporarily unable to care for their child, or if relatives or loved ones are not available. The service can include both child care and various household chores. The service also facilitates the everyday life of foster families. The service is provided to families quickly, flexibly and individually according to the family's needs. The service is always granted to the family by their own municipality's or early childhood social services authority.